Monument St. now reopened for business


After almost 5 months, the 2300 block of Monument Street has reopened after a massive sinkhole opened up in July. 
Today, officials from the Department of Public Works declared that the block is now open for business. A ceremony marked the official end to almost 5 months of monumental work to restore utilities, roadways and sidewalks. 
the initial collapse of a 120-year-old, 10 food diameter storm drain tunnel occurred in this block on July 25, 2012. Subsequent major storms enlarged the initial opening causing damage to other underground utilities. 
the Department of Public Works, worked tirelessly with other agencies to restore and upgrade the storm drain tunnel as well as water, sewer, electrical, gas and telecommunications lines. This included replacing 500 feet of 6-inch water main with a new 12-inch piping and also lining 200 feet of sewer main. 
The storm drain tunnel itself is now renewed with steel lining between Patterson Park and Montford Avenues to prevent future collapse and a 9 foot permanent shaft has been installed to facilitate future rehabilitation of the storm drain system. 
"This was a major reconstruction project which could not have been done without private-public partnerships ", said Director Foxx. "It also demonstrates the need for increasing infrastructure investment."
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