Modell brought more to Baltimore than football

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - Art Modell is known for the impact he had on professional football. He's admired by many in the Baltimore area for his bringing the Ravens to town, along with several years of successful NFL football seasons. But, what may be less known is the impact he had on Baltimore away from the pigskin.

Being a philanthropist is more than just writing a check. Ask local charities, and they'll tell you. Modell did much more than write checks.

Kennedy, The Foundation to Fight Blindness, Big Brothers and Sisters -- that's just a glance at a few of the charities Art Modell and his wife helped in the Baltimore community and in Cleveland.

"I think he should be remembered for creating a great learning center," said the head of The SEED School, Charles Adams. "The academic center was named for him. So, when that ground was broke and when it finishes the construction in August of 2013. I think we can look at that when the library is in there and that there will be this legacy and love of learning that's renewed here at the school now."

The SEED School in southwest Baltimore plays host to 400 at risk children each day. The children get a private boarding school education. The first class will graduate in two years, and they have a new class starting out this year. The school is changing lives, and next year the education center will open new classroom space that will let the seed grow.

From involvement with Saint Vincent's to Johns Hopkins, the Modells left a footprint in the community much bigger than the game of football.

Art Modell will be missed in many, many different regards.

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