MDE officials believe fishkill is over

BALTIMORE, Md: - The fishkill might be over.

On a return trip to the mouth of the Patapsco River near Fort McHenry Tuesday, biologists from the Maryland Department of the environment  did not observe any dying or newly dead fish. 

Yesterday, onlookers found more than 7,000  Atlantic menhaden were found dead in the river. 

MDE officials are still investigating what caused the kill. 

Jay Apperson, spokesperson for MDE, said  the presence of dead  fish may indicate that a toxic substance has entered the waterway.   Because multiple species were not affected, biologists do not suspect  that this was the cause of this fish kill.

Fish kills also result from a combination of natural and human induced stresses in the environment.

Several elements may combine and act synergistically to overload stress tolerance levels and induce a fish kill.



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