MD SPCA gives away black pets on Black Friday

SPCA waives adoption fee for black pets


The line may have been as long, the anticipation in the eyes as obvious...even to a dog.

Then it came, doors opened at the Maryland SPCA.

Scores of people poured through, crowds up and down the rows of kennels; there was a deal to be had here today.

"We're celebrating Black Friday.  So for any pet that has some black in his fur the adoption fee is waived."

Aileen Gabbey is the executive director at the SPCA and says this is the first time the shelter has done something like this; a promotion that given their experience just made sense.

"This applies to cats and dogs.  We found that the animals that have black or all black tend to sit a little longer.  There's no time limit at the Maryland SPCA, but we want to find them homes so they are in a permanent home forever," said Gabbey.

The SPCA says it can care for about 100 pets and it costs money to take care of all those dogs and cats, but waiving the adoption fee for some of them today was a no brainer they say, worth all those looks on all those faces.

Kendra Alexander was one of many who showed up early here on Falls Road and like any shopper today, she was prepared.

"I actually had looked online and I was looking at the dogs that I wanted and of course this is Black Friday.  So, she was the one," Alexander said as she looked down at her black lab she just named Milan, "When I saw her online I just fell in love immediately."

Milan ended up being a great deal; a steal really...of who's heart remains to be seen.

Milan and Kendra's story was just one of many for the day, even before the doors opened the SPCA was so impressed by the crowd, it has already said it will do it again next year.

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