Mayor SRB: "Very unusual" to use military equipment "against your own citizens"

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake says police have to be careful when using military-style equipment like that seen on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, in the past week.
Rawlings-Blake spoke Sunday on NBC's "Meet The Press." She said it would be "very unusual" to use military equipment "against your own citizens." Rawlings-Blake noted her city's response to the Occupy Wall Street movement and said it had gone well because police were "judicious in the use of force."
Rawlings-Blake was also asked by moderator Andrea Mitchell about the racial makeup of the city's police force, which Mitchell said doesn't reflect a city that is more than 60 percent African-American. Rawlings-Blake says the city is "determined to get it right" and has made community members part of a promotion panel for police officers.
It turns out there is still a lot of confusion about what is going on in Ferguson and many unanswered questions.
Many people are counting on their faith until more details comes out.  Emmett Burns Jr., a Maryland Delegate, is also the pastor at Rising Sun First Baptist Church in Baltimore County. 
He said he is looking ahead to important conversations about raising young black men and teaching them about their interactions with police.
Burns said an end to the violence and turmoil in Ferguson depends on the information that comes out from this point forward. 
"Unfortunately, it's going to stay that way until all the facts are out and once the facts are out, if they are skewed and if they appear racial, then you're going to have a continuation of what have right now," Burns told ABC2. 
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