Man streaks at Ravens game

BALTIMORE - The Sunday night game between the Ravens and the Patriots was delayed because someone ran onto the field wearing nothing more than a cape and underwear.

Of course, video of the incident landed on Youtube minutes after it happened.

In the video, you can see the man jump over the fence near the cheerleaders and run from security guards.

And if the guy looks familiar, that's because he is. Officials say he is the same man who streaked at Camden Yards on Opening Day of the MLB season.

Mark Harvey, 26, eluded police for two minutes before being caught in the previous incident. He has since been banned from Camden Yards for life.

And now, after reportedly jumping out of the stands and onto the field in a pair of sneakers and Batman underwear, he could be banned from another venue.

Officials say Harvey jumped onto the field from section 132 at the two-minute warning in the second quarter. He has been charged with trespassing.

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