Major two-year project begins on I-95 south of the Fort McHenry tunnel

BALTIMORE - The MD Transportation Authority (MDTA) announces a $66 million project to remove and replace the existing concrete deck surface and roadway joints on mainline I-95 and the ramps serving I-95 between the Fort McHenry Tunnel and Caton Avenue.

This preservation project, funded completely by toll revenue and expected to last two construction seasons, includes lane shifts on mainline I-95, reduced lane widths, elimination of shoulders and full-time and part-time ramp closures and detours around the work zone.

Currently, crews are repairing and replacing storm drains along I-95 between Caton Avenue and Washington Boulevard.

Weather permitting, beginning March 16, northbound I-95 lanes will shift from the median toward the right shoulder and in late March/early April, construction barriers will be set up on northbound I-95 throughout the 4.4-mile construction zone.

Weather permitting, in early May, southbound I-95 lanes will shift from the median toward the right shoulder followed by the installation of concrete barriers. By early summer, the ramp from southbound I-395 to southbound I-95 will be reduced to one lane for approximately three months and will reopen before the new school year begins in August.

The following ramps will be affected at various times during this project:

Full-Time Ramp Closures

  • McComas Street to I-95.
  • Washington Boulevard to I-95 SB.
  • MD 295 to I-95 NB.
  • I-95 NB to Hanover Street.
  • I-95 NB to Key Highway.
  • Hanover Street to I-95 SB.

Part-Time Ramp Closures

  • I-95 SB to I-395 NB.
  • I-95 SB to MD 295 SB.
  • Russell Street to I-95 SB.
  • I-95 SB to Caton Avenue.
  • I-95 NB to Russell Street.
  • I-395 SB to I-95 NB.

Full-time ramp closures will last for approximately one to two weeks while part-time closures will occur on nights and weekends. Scheduled lane closures will be restricted to off-peak and non-event hours during days, nights and weekends. Mainline I-95 travel lanes will be reduced from 12-foot to 11-foot lanes during
traffic shifts.

All lanes on I-95 will be maintained throughout the project. Drivers should expect delays and shifts in traffic patterns in and around the work zone. Construction is expected to be complete in mid-2016.

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