Baltimore protestors call for action

Passion about the shooting death of Michael Brown has spread far beyond Ferguson, MO. Now it has made it's way to Baltimore. 


Organizers of a Thursday evening rally, march, and moment of silence said the gathering is about standing in solidarity with the people of Ferguson for what they called the brutal killing of Michael Brown. 

They are making a call for justice in this case and other similar cases around the country. 

Elder C.D. Witherspoon, President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, helped bring everyone together Thursday.

He said the night was not only about showing support. 

"It helps to spark in the hearts and minds of people that the struggle continues, that the issues that we faced some 50 years ago are still very much prevalent and alive and well. I saw something recently where they were looking at a picture of police officers with police dogs and there was one image from the 1950s and there was another image from Ferguson and those images were exactly the same. We're dealing with the same types of issues our fore fathers dealt with during the civil rights movement, and now a new movement is occurring," Witherspoon told ABC2. 
He says what happened in Ferguson is happening all over the country, including in Baltimore and he made reference to a few cases in particular. 
"Unfortunately there appears to be a double standard and the people here in Baltimore have felt the pain that the people in Ferguson are currently feeling and we lock arms with them, in solidarity with them, calling for justice for justice for brother Brown but also calling for justice for Anthony Anderson, and Tyrone West and Greg King and all the victims around the country right now who are experiencing turmoil as a result of what we refer to as police violence and police terrorism," Witherspoon said. 
Witherspoon said it is time to have congressional hearings about police brutality and to send a message to police departments around the country. 


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