Local marine rattled by Boston Marathon explosions


A marine and three-time finisher in Boston, Keith Levasseur is tough, but he is rattled tonight.

"When it went off it wasn't clear right away that it wasn't intentional.  And then as soon as the second one went off it was very clear that it was," Levasseur said.

Levasseur and his team with Howard County striders talked to us through Skype.

They crossed the finish line before the explosions -- no one in their group was injured. 

Phil Lang coaches the junior striders.

He has crossed the finish line in Boston 17 times.. When the explosions happened, he put on last year's jacket to show his pride.

"Boston... It's special for me.  Those who have gotten a chance to be a part of it, they'll always remember it," Lang said. 

But this year the memories are tainted with the blasts at the finish line. 

From Maryland, the striders were on the phone, on social media, frantically hoping members were only sore from the race, not in the hospital.

The president of the striders talked to one member who was just 10 minutes away from the finish line.

Running the Boston Maraton is the pinnacle of Lang's year; to set a goal and finish the most coveted marathon.

He calls it a sad day for runners -- but he's not sitting out next year.

"And when you go to the Boston Marathon, you actually feel like a superstar.  There's just so many people there cheering you on and supporting you," Lang said. 

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