Local churches ignoring Mayan prophecy, preach hope instead

What do Christians believe about Mayan prophecy?

BALTIMORE - People are buzzing about the Mayan Prophecy predicting the end of the world on December 21, but are local churchgoers anxious about the end of the world?

Bishop Aaron B. Claxton of New Creation Christian Church in Baltimore says his members aren't.

"When we hear of other prophecies, many times we'll go and look in the Bible to see if it confirms what this person or that group says, to see if we should be concerned," he said.

Janice Jackson, church administrator for Solomon's Temple Church in Baltimore says that her church hasn't planned any special programs to address the prophecy, but their pastor has preached about end-time prophecies.

"It shouldn't have a direct effect on us because we know truth according to the scriptures," she said.

What do Christians think about the end of the world?

Most Christian churches believe that the end of the world (as we know it) happens after the second coming, when Jesus takes his followers to Heaven.

Many believe that there will be a secret rapture at a date no humans know, not even the Mayans.

They also believe that the following signs will happen first:

·         wars and rumors of wars

·         famines

·         natural disasters

·         false prophets will appear

Claxton said that he believes that people can look for signs,  but his church is focused on "giving people hope, not fear," he said.

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