Local businesses concerned new Horseshoe casino will hurt bottom line

BALTIMORE - You don't have to walk or drive far from Horseshoe Casino to find yourself in Federal Hill.  The neighborhood is a hot spot for food and drinks, but some local businesses are worried about the new competition.

"We're a little concerned," said Matt Saunders, a manager at Ropewalk Tavern .

He says besides luring potential customers away from his bar, the casino could negatively impact the area in other ways.

"Parking I think is our big concern because we don't have enough parking in Federal Hill as it is," Saunders said.


Down the street at Mother's Federal Hill Grille , workers say that's not even on their radar.  They think more foot traffic will mean more green walking in the doors.

"After people are done over there gambling and stuff they'll kind of hit the town and the surrounding areas,” said General Manager Alvin Robertson.  “I feel like we're close enough that we'll get a lot of run off from them, so I think it will be a good thing."

He's got a positive attitude, but admits it's still too soon to tell if the bar and restaurant will see any affect, good or bad from horseshoe.

"We're kind of playing the waiting game as to whether or not it's going to be more like competition for us or more of just like bringing people into the area," Robertson said.

"We have to wait and see,” Saunders said.  “We're hoping that it does well because we want all the restaurants and bars in this area to do well, so we'll see."

Horseshoe Casino has a 24-hour liquor license and big named restaurants under one roof.

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