Couples prepare for annual 'Memory Ball' fundraiser for Alzheimer's research

Memory Ball

TOWSON, Md. - They do it for their dads, moms, grandparents, aunts and uncles.  They do it to make sure no one has to suffer.

Alzheimer's and dementia have taken away the mom we use to know. 

“That’s very difficult," Jean Halle said, fighting back tears. "It’s hard to see somebody you love suffer.” 

Halle is dancing, along with nine other couples in the annual Memory Ball fundraiser for Alzheimer's research. 

“We’re doing this for my father who suffered from dementia for years and my mother who cared for him and loved him throughout,” Jodi Levitan said.  

Please take a minute to watch the video above.  But then take a minute to vote . The Memory Ball is coming up on April 12.

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