Johns Hopkins caregivers holding around-the-clock protest for more money

BALTIMORE - Two thousand Johns Hopkins Hospital workers plan to picket 24 hours a day through Friday evening. They're asking for higher wages.

According to a release, many caregivers are making poverty-level money and are using food stamps, Medicaid, and other public assistance to make up for small paychecks.

"It's a struggle, living paycheck to paycheck. But we're just trying to get extra money for us and everybody who deserves it. There's people who deserve that money," said Rasheem Pugh, a hospital employee.

Workers are asking for a $15 an hour wage for employees with at least 15 years experience. They also want every hospital worker to make $14 an hour by the end of their four-year contract.

Johns Hopkins Hospital released the following statement:

We appreciate all that our employees do for The Johns Hopkins Hospital and are negotiating in good faith to reach a settlement that’s fair to everyone and reflects financial responsibility on the part of the hospital. As part of these discussions, we are striving to balance several different priorities while recognizing that we have a finite pool of funds.


Offering competitive wages and benefits to all of our employees preserves job security. We are confident we will resolve these negotiations in a fair and equitable way. Out of respect for our employees and for the bargaining process, we are negotiating directly with them outside of the public domain.

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