Oyster program designed to help improve the health of the Inner Harbor

BALTIMORE - The Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Waterfront Partnership have relocated oysters from and oyster garden in the Inner Harbor to the Patapsco River.

The oysters have been being cared for since they were baby oysters by volunteers in an effort to increase the water quality of the Inner Harbor, as oysters act as filters to the water.

This past October, local business leaders and students planted five oyster gardens around the Inner Harbor, containing nearly 40,000 caged spat (baby oysters), with the goal to grow them until they were mature enough to survive in the wild.

Releasing the oysters at Fort Carroll will help to filter and improve the water quality of the Harbor. Volunteers cleaned and tended to the oysters over the course of the nine months, helping to assist their development and growth while protected in the gardens. Participating businesses include Brown Advisory, BGE, Legg Mason, T.Rowe Price and Constellation.

The relocation is a part of the Healthy Harbor Oyster Partnership. To find out more about the Health Harbor initiative, please visit their website

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