Guns for computers, no questions asked

Coming off a violent start to the weekend, one Baltimore community is making an effort to address gun violence. 
Thanks to those efforts in McElderry Park, 25 guns have been safely turned in. 
Organizers say Saturday's event was about rejecting gun violence and presenting alternatives, specifically with technology.
The whole philosophy is education over violence. Stop shooting, start coding. ... You can only do one thing with a firearm and that's take a life. But with a computer it's unimaginable what you can do," Lance Lucas, CEO of DigitALL systems, said. 
Lucas said that is the reason that along with the refurbished computers, his non-profit offers computer repair classes. He signed up 50 people in a matter of hours on Saturday.
For community leaders, it is all about changing the way people think.  
"I went down in the area and talked to a young man that's involved in the drug culture and I said look, you can turn your gun in and get a computer. His response was that a computer can't protect me. I said yeah, but a computer can get  you a job and save your life," Glenn Ross, President of the McElderry Park Community Association, said. 
Both organizers and those who turned in guns agree while the no-questions-asked event won't do all the work in addressing gun violence, it is a good start. 
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