Charity running group stops in Baltimore on the way to Boston Marathon

Twenty-six runners run 1,075 in eight days. That is the mission of a group from Cleveland, Tenn. and they made a brief pit stop Wednesday night in Baltimore en route to the Boston Marathon.

"When you're running for charities like we are, it's easy to run through whatever it is," runner Tim Spires said.

That could be the cold, wind, rain, or even snow that came through the area Tuesday night.

For Spires and the other 25 runners with Run Now Relay from Cleveland, Tennessee, dealing with the conditions and running as far as they have has little to no effect on their determination.

"When I saw the bombings on the television, I just thought about my family being on those sidelines through all the marathons I've run. I felt a very deep connection," Madison Torrence, who is running alongside his wife Vanessa, said.

They are headed to Boston running in shifts around the clock. The trip is not only in solidarity with the city one year after an attack at the Boston Marathon that left three dead and many more injured, they are also raising money for One Step Ahead Foundation and Dream Big! Foundation.

Not wanting people to forget what victims in Boston still have ahead of them, these runners from the volunteer state will continue to give their time and lots of energy  together logging more than 1,000 miles by weeks end.

"Every step we think about what they've gone through and we're happy that this year they're able to go out and do it again so we're here for them," Spires said.

"Bad things are going to happen in life but it's up to us to take those things and turn them into a positive experience and so if you want to see good in the world, you have to be the people to do it," Corey Divel, another runner, added.

Run Now Relay has raised $60,000 for the two Boston based non-profits.

The runners are set to arrive in Boston Saturday afternoon.

Click here to learn more about the group, donate to the cause and follow their progress live.


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