Group rallies in Baltimore to 'bring back our girls'

BALTIMORE, MD - People lined Frankford Avenue on Sunday with a strong message.

"Today's Mother's Day is quite different from other Mother's Days that I have ever experienced. Because these girls could be my daughter," a member of the group spoke out during the rally.

It was all a part of the Nigerian Igbo Catholic Community of Baltimore's efforts to spread the word and bring back the Nigerian school girls who were abducted last month. More than 270 girls were kidnapped, piled into trucks, and driven into the jungle in mid April.

"I'm from the south east part of Nigeria. But whatever happens, we are all Nigerians, so we are all concerned," said Clement Anyadike, with the group.

They say getting the message out and raising awareness could help bring the girls home.

"It's so sad that we're here. We wish we could do more. We want the President, we want the rulers, to do something to get these girls out, as soon as possible. Alive, alive, alive! That's what we want," said Christiana Onuigbo, a mother of four and member of the group. "It is so sad to hear such news," she said. "We don't even know if they're eating there. We don't know if anybody is feeding them. We don't know."

The rally also stressed the importance of education for everyone; toting signs that read, 'Education is a right.'





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