Friends and family celebrate Mia Henderson's life while they still search for answers in her death

Friends recall fond memories of Mia Henderson as they gathered for a private celebration of life ceremony on Saturday afternoon. 
"She had a lot of energy. She was like an energizer bunny. She was always smiling," Lasaia Wade remembers Henderson as a person with a bubbly personality. 
It was one month ago that Henderson's body was found in an alleyway behind Piedmont Avenue in Baltimore.
"Hearing about a trans person, another trans person being killed, of course that is very concerning to me," Autumn Watkins said.  
"There are people who are very frustrated as they should be. There are people who continue to be in mourning so people are in various stages of grief at this point but I would hope that part of that is for us to come together and take care of each other", Reverend Olou Moise, who presided over the service, said. 
Some of those who gathered said that is their best option, as they questioned if police are doing enough to find Henderson's killer. 
"They are giving you a cover up to let us know that they are doing the best we can which they're not," Wade said. 
"There was no representation from the Baltimore City Police Department here today so Commissioner Batts, we're just wondering, where are you," Monica Yorkman said. 
Others say at least some of the responsibility lies with them.
"I think as much as we want the police to do things for us, we too have to do things too. Not be afraid to speak out, not be afraid to say that they saw something happen. So the police need our help as well, we can't just put it all on them. They need our help as well," Watkins told ABC2. 
Police say they are working to find out if there are any connections between Henderson's death and Kandy Hall's, another transgender woman who was found murdered.
So far, there have been no suspects or arrests in either case. 
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