Former RG Steel employees planned protest today, didn't happen

BALTIMORE - They said they gave time, money, and commitment to a company that left them with nothing. This morning formers workers of RG Steel had planned to gather to protest at 7 a.m.

But when ABC2 visited the planned protest site Tuesday morning, no one was there.

Why they had planned to protest

They didn't take a bonus so they feel top executives should not take one either. Today from 7am to 8am the former employees of RG Steel will be out here to show their solidarity to their former jobs.

The employees gave up their $6,000 signing bonus to get raw materials to keep the plant running. But there were problems with the blast furnace and the money was diverted to fix the furnace.

The former employees tell ABC2 news that their contract said that the employees medical benefits would be covered for two years if there was a lay off and sub pay would go until the end of unemployment benefits.

They say they are not getting this.

The prospects for steelmaking here at Sparrows Point don't look so good.

The mill was auctioned off last week for $72 million as part of RG Steel's bankruptcy.

Right now plan a is to find a new buyer.

The judge handling RG Steel's bankruptcy still must approve the sale to new owners. Meanwhile former employees don't believe ten executives should receive their huge bonus because they did not make a deal to keep the plant up and running.

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