Fells Point serves up more than just spirits

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BALTIMORE - Fells point serves up more than just spirits

Historic Fells Point has a reputation for fun wild nights. The streets are packed with saloons and bars-- a perfect place to find some spirits.

A lot of spiritual activity also tends to occur in the little alley. No one knows why.

Tim Paggi, with Baltimore Ghost Tours says that Fells Point could be a portal to the afterlife.

"One thing not everyone knows about Fells Point Square is that this actually acted as a mass grave about 200 years ago," he said. "It's rumored that up to 300 bodies after the plague of yellow fever are buried right here."

Based on folk lore and word of mouth, Paggi walks these streets pointing out the unexplained.

"Sometimes you'll see a gentleman who looks out of place walking up the street towards the tomb and he disappears," he said.  "It's like he's choosing between life and death and death always wins."

At the Fells family tomb, Paggi admits his own fear of the unknown.

"I mean even when you work around ghosts all the time they are terrifying," he said.  "It's not the kind of thing you get used to."

So on your Halloween, whether you're looking for spirits in a glass or walking the streets, Fells Point has both.

"What its really all about is uncovering the mystery and telling people how much history exists around here," said Paggi.  "You might be walking around never suspecting that there is over 300 years of the most haunted history in Baltimore."

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