Family and friends to honor Michael Mayfield with music

They say it gets a little better with time, but they still miss Michael Mayfield every day. Just four months after his brutal and still unsolved murder, those closest to him are looking to honor him through music.
It turns out he was not only a great baseball player and leader in the JROTC, he was also a talented musician. 
That is the reason a close friend of his, Emmanuel Grogan, decided to organize the very first Michael Mayfield Legacy Concert. It will be held Sunday, August 17th, less than two weeks ahead of what would have been Mayfield's 18th birthday.  
"I'm gradually with time, coping with it. I will probably never ever get over Michael's death and I will say that for a few people but with time I know it will get better and I know Michael if he was here, he wouldn't want us to be sad and grieving all the time," Grogan said. 
Mayfield's aunt, Wendy Mayfield, who says she was amazed by his musical talent and passion, stumbled upon some old pictures of her nephew just this week.  
"It was just such a blessing just to have him as a part of our lives and he is just tremendously missed," Wendy said.  
She told ABC2 dealing with the loss gets a little better as time passes. She just relies on her faith to get through and believes justice will eventually be served. 
"The person that did this to Michael is still on the loose, and we're prayerful that some leads will come in because as of today, no leads have been found," Wendy said.  
As police continue to investigate, work ia in progress to make sure Mayfield's memory remains strong. 
The concert is Sunday, August 17,  from 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Perkins Square Baptist Church. 
All of the money raised will go to the Michael Mayfield Leadership Award, which is a scholarship for rising college freshman. 
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