Families eating healthier thanks to food drop at Franciscan Center

The need was clear with the response. The line was wrapped around around the corner Saturday morning at the Franciscan Center in Baltimore. 
"We're serving over 100,000 meals a year and giving out nearly 8,000 bags of groceries a year and that's a lot of influence you can have in the community," Christian Metzger, the Executive Director at the center, said. 
That is the reason that on Saturday, it was not just any food they gave out to up to 400 families in need. It was healthy and nutritious. 
"I'm on food stamps and it only goes half of the month. It's only enough for two weeks. It's very expensive eating healthy. You can go out and get the canned soups with all the salt and everything that's going to cause problems later on in life, but it is, it's very expensive to eat the way you should," Gary Oldham said. 
He has been getting help from the Franciscan Center for years. So has Thurmon Truesdale. 
"I'm a diabetic so really I can't eat anything that's too salty so all the fresh food that I can get, I go for that," Truesdale said. 
The Franciscan Center partners with the Maryland Food Bank every other month for these free food drops.
Leaders say it is part of their Healthy Food Initiative. The goal is to get more fresh produce to the underserved population.
Tamnika Tabb came out to help, along with her 14 year old daughter. She says she remembers the days her family was in the same line. 
"My grandmother got help from the Franciscan Center a long time ago. They've been around for years now. I just wanted to give back because they helped me when I was growing up," Tabb said. 
The center has a history of more than 45 years in the community. It has a mission that extends far beyond food and far beyond one day, also helping with clothing, financial assistance, transportation, and more.
The next food drop will be in June. 
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