EXCLUSIVE | Is Jacoby Jones ready to Dance With The Stars?

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - From the moment you meet Jacoby Jones you feel like you know him.  He has a personality that fills the room.

"I've waltzed before," said Jones.  "I did a little jazz, the samba.  I got a little footwork," he said.

The Ravens' Kick Returner and Wide Receiver hopes his moves will shine when he hits the dance floor for an all new season of Dancing With The Stars March 18th.

"They made me dance on the show so they cheated, they got a sneak peak," Jones stated.

Number 12 says he's always been a fan of the show and if you have seen him on the field -- you know he likes to dance.

"It was something I always wanted to do.  The first time I saw the show, I told my mom I want to get there I'd kill that," Jones described.

Jones killed the competition with his moves on the field.  He played a major role in bringing the Lombardi trophy to Baltimore.           

His 108-yard kick-off return in the Super Bowl tied playoff history.  Additionally, you can't forget that acrobatic 56-yard touchdown catch.   

He showed off his trademark dances after both plays.     

He has already started scouting out the competition -.a gymnast, boxer, and gold medalist Dorothy Hammill who also lives here in Baltimore.     

He found out she's a big Ravens fan.

"I'm walking in and this lady starts, she starts doing this and I'm like Miss, miss what are you doing, and I realized who she was, and it was so cool to meet her," Jones said. 

Jones is just thrilled to be among such a group.  After 7 years in the NFL, his career nearly ended after a slip up in Houston.

"Last year in the playoff game I dropped the punt, and I had all the burned jerseys and death threats and all that stuff," Jones remembered.  "Today now it's like hey Jacoby!"

"I'm more humbled about it.  I've been through the storm....I just take it in stride.  I've seen the good and the bad," Jones said.

A stride he plans to strut when he hits the dance floor with his partner Karina Smirnoff.

"We hit it off as soon as we met," Jones said.  "It was random chemistry that's what I call it.  She's gonna be fun," he said.

He says they are going to be good.

"I'm very competitive.  I was probably the only one talking trash.  I was like I'm not losing," said Jones.

Jones says he's learned his odds are 7-1 that he will win the Mirror Ball trophy.

He is not worried.  He remembers that the Ravens were the underdogs all season but won the Super Bowl.

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