DWTS inspires local dancers


Baltimore School of Dance owner Amy Hornberger goes through her routine of stretching and strength training with her dance students. These students were born to dance.

"It's fun, it's how I can get my emotion out. How I can get my energy out. I've always had this natural thing for dancing," Shopie Demth, a student at the school said.

ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" and other hit TV shows have put dancing on the map. How do you fine tune your dance techniques? According to these students, they say hard work, preparation, and determination are needed to be the best.

 "We do polymeric lunges, we also do pushups and all this stuff to work on our abs," Olivia Vestal, a student at the school said.

Hornberger enjoys the behind the scenes look of the show which highlights the hours of practice needed to move those hips, tap those feet, and dance to the beat.

Hornberger said "At first the dancers struggle at it but they keep working at it. There is a lot of blood sweat and tears sometimes that go into it but if you keep going you can achieve your goal. There is alot of football and basketball players that take ballet to increase their speed, agility, endurance and balance."

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