DPW says E. Monument St. sinkhole repairs nearly complete

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - The Department of Public Works announced that they are entering their final phases of repairing a massive water main break that resulted in a sinkhole over the summer.

The 120-year-old storm drain tunnel collapse was 10 feet in diameter.

The storm drain tunnel has been replaced with steel lining between Patterson Park and Montford Avenue.

DPW officials hope this upgraded repair will help prevent a future collapse.

In addition, a nine foot shaft has been installed to make future rehabilitation of the storm drain system easier.

Crews are currently working to repair the sidewalk and curb.

"The tremendous cooperation between merchants, community members, Verizon, BGE, other city agencies and DPW has enabled us to reach the final stages of this massive undertaking," said Director Alfred H. Foxx.

"We look forward to completing the project this month," he said.

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