Dozens of puppies seized in southwest Baltimore

They are high-end breeds found in lowly conditions inside a southwest Baltimore townhouse not fit for man, nor puppy.
"They were housed in a basement and they were in crates and it was several animals to one crate,” said BARCS Executive Director Jennifer Brause, “So it was a very inhumane way of crating an animal and they had no food and water on top of that."
Along with the owner's adult pet, Animal Control officers seized 32 puppies, all about 8 weeks old, including Labrador retrievers, boxers and wire-haired terriers among other breeds.
The Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter or BARCS has now sent the animals to several rescue and shelter partners, like the Maryland SPCA to help find them new homes.
"Today we're providing exams and care to them,” said Aileen Gabbey, Executive Director of the Maryland SPCA, “It's a bit overwhelming to think about the situation they came from and all the care that they need, but they actually look in pretty good shape and we're able to provide the care that they need and they'll be up for adoption soon."
Back at the raided home, a man admitted to being the former owner of the dogs, but had little else to say.
"He had just, from our understanding, just transported them in from out of state and his intention was to sell them," said Brause.
Perhaps that's the reason he chose to suffer in silence.
At just $300 apiece, the dogs would represent about a $10,000 loss now for the unlicensed dealer, and we've also learned animal control officers issued the man 75 separate citations that carry fines totaling about $34,000 on top of that.
Once they've been spayed and neutered, some of puppies may be available for adoption this Saturday at the SPCA on Falls Road.
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