Down Syndrome walk brings family together

Even as an adult, Scott Krahn still takes the time to stop and smell the flowers.

His parents Margie Wingfield and Craig Krahn couldn't imagine life without him. But 25 years ago, when they found their son would be born with down syndrome , things weren't so easy.

His mother said the unknown was the scariest part. "There were all these possibilities of what could happen so it was more of being afraid of the unknown," she said.

But they've learned so much since then. And now they want to help others who are in their shoes. Since Scott was born, his family has participated in the annual BWI run and walk to benefit Kennedy Krieger's Down Syndrome Clinic.

It's a 4 mile run or a 2 mile family walk that helps raise money for Kennedy Krieger and local Down Syndrome support groups. Both have made a positive impact on Scotty and his family.

"The other parents are able to tell us and clue us in on various therapies. If you have someone that has the same life experience it's a wonderful feeling," Wingfield said.

The walk is a positive experience for all children, not just those with special needs.

 "As they approach adulthood I hope that opens their minds on how they view with people with special needs," Krahn's mother said.

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