Doctors recommend a flu shot before the holidays

The flu vaccination seems to be a good match, according the City Health Commissioner.

The number of reported cases is about the same as last year, but we still have not seen the peak of flu season.  The vaccine is up to 80 percent effective.

So yes, it's still possible to get the flu, but the best way to prevent the aches and pains and the fever and chills is to get vaccinated.

Maryland had its first case of the flu in October but January and February tend to be the busiest months.  Plus, the vaccine takes up to two weeks to have benefits, so now is the time to get the shot.

Dr. Oxiris Barbot, Baltimore City Health Commissioner, says the message is really important in Baltimore.

"Individuals in the African American community tend not to get immunized at the same rate as other individuals, and so part of us getting the message out is that you won't get the flu from the vaccination," said Dr. Barbot.    

Dr. Barbot says it's a myth to believe you can get the flu from the vaccine.

Dr. Melly Goodell at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center adds "sometimes people feel a little bit of an effect because it's causing your immune system to be revved up and prepare to defend your body."   

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