Neighbors complained before about stability of Charles Village road that collapsed

BALTIMORE - Freight rail officials say cargo trains will likely begin running again Thursday evening on a section of track that was buried when a street collapsed in Baltimore.

CSX Corp. suspended operations Wednesday afternoon when a sidewalk and retaining wall in Baltimore's Charles Village neighborhood buckled and caved in during a rainstorm, swallowing a streetlight and more than half a dozen cars. Nobody was injured.

One block of homes across the street remains evacuated.

Baltimore officials say work to clear debris and stabilize the retaining wall began early Thursday. The city transportation department is inspecting for structural integrity of the area.

Neighbors crowded the scene Wednesday and Thursday, getting a glimpse of the wreckage. A handful of neighbors say the landslide was waiting to happen.

ABC2 News spoke to the President of the Charles Village Civic Association Thursday. She says she's heard a number of complaints over the years and thought something was being done.

"This was not, it was not so sudden, there were many clear warnings that a catastrophe was going to happen. It wasn't waiting to happen. We'd already passed that point. It was going to happen," Sandy Sparks, President of the Association said. 

Sparks says in the 80's she complained about a separate area in the neighborhood that sunk 18 inches. She says it took 15 years for crews to fix it. 

A CSX spokeswoman says the landslide caused minimal rerouting and inventory delays.

The cause of the collapse is under investigation.


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