Crash victim's family: Tevin Hall saw the brighter side of life

BALTMORE - Tevin Hall was pronounced dead at the scene of a shocking four-vehicle crash on North Fulton Avenue. He was driving a car less than 24 hours old with his child and his child's mother in tow. 

He was struck by an oncoming car. 

Neighbors describe the horrific  crash as a scene they'll never forget. But for Hall's family, it's his smile that will be etched in their memories.

"Basically, he saw the brighter side of life. He was far from a pessimist. There was nothing he felt like he couldn't do," said Pauline Wood, Hall's Grandmother.

Police believe the 27-year-old Hall was driving the car that was initially struck in the crash. Also in his car, his daughter who is almost 2 years old, and the child's mother. Both remained at the hospital Monday.

"Yesterday was the hardest. Today, his mom is all about getting things done," Wood said.

"He was just comical. He was just really a comical person to be around. He always made you laugh, even when you felt bad," said Tannya Hall, the victim's aunt.

Hall says when she heard news of a crash down the street, she raced to the scene. She says she stood just beyond the caution tape, not knowing it was her nephew in the wreck.

"She said, 'I started crying. I don't know why I'm crying for somebody I don't know.' And that was that," Wood said.

The family is surrounding themselves with loved ones. Friends stopped by the home throughout the day Monday to send well wishes.

"I cant imagine what the family is going through. It's so hard, it's hard for me, knowing what she's going through," said Andrew Conwell.

Police have not yet determined what caused the crash, and no one has been charged.



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