Clipper Mill continues flood clean-up

BALTIMORE, - Fifty-two varieties of grain are gone, and just about everything else inside Nepenthe Homebrew is in the trash or down the Jones Falls.

“The river was rushing through here.  You could see that our front doors had been punched out where you could actually see some of our inventory floating away down the river," Brian Arnold, owner of Nepenthe Homebrew, said.

It's been a week since Brian Arnold recorded a walk thru of his business in Clipper Mill that opened just over a year ago.

"Everything is just kind of picked up and tossed around," said Arnold.   

The health department required most of it to be tossed out.  The flood line is around 5 feet.

Pictures show how it busted through the door and took out part of the road.  Arnold says he lost around $70,000 with inventory and equipment.  Plus, his doors will be closed for six weeks. 

The wall connecting Nepenthe and Mouth Party Caramels was torn down.  

"This is one of the worst.  This is one of the worst," said Darmedrick Palmer, who is repairing the lines.  "…flooded all of our equipment, so no communication from the customer," he said.    

Arnold's flood policy will not cover everything.  So he turned to a Go Fund Me site and has over $14,000.

Plus, the community is coming up with ways to help.  There are warning signs, in this low-lying area, but nothing to prepare people for the force of the Falls.

"I keep telling people I'm running out of ways to say thank you," said Arnold.     

A concert is being planned to help about a dozen business owners in Clipper Mill. 

Click her for more information on the Go Fund Me page .


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