Class Action Lawsuit moves forward in Dr. Nikita Levy case

BALTIMORE, MD - Thousands of patients have come forward signing up for a Class Action lawsuit saying they were, at some point, treated by Dr. Nikita Levy. Levy was a former Gynecologist for Johns Hopkins accused of videotaping his patients.

"We know that Dr. Levy was employed at Johns Hopkins from 1988 to 2013. That's a long time," said Jonathan Schochor, Chairman of the Class Action Steering Committee. "We know that he saw many, many patients. We know that he was an OBGYN. And we're told by the hospital that he had 12,600 patients. So, it does not surprise me that 10,000 would come forward in the final analysis."

So far, 10,000 people have come forward and registered, but because you can sign up several different ways, that number could include some duplicates. Schochor says anyone treated by Dr. Levy could be a victim.

"The basis of the lawsuit involves these women's reactions to learning of the breach of faith and the breach of trust on the part of their OBGYN at Hopkins over an extended period of time, and their reaction to that," said Schochor.

He describes patient reactions as being across the board. "There's post traumatic stress anxiety, there were women afraid to go to their OBGYN, they were afraid to go to any doctor. They were afraid to take their family in for medical tests, they were not focusing in the workplace, they were many in counseling, and so there were many injuries and damages from his conduct."

Schochor says the recent findings of no criminal prosecution have no effect on the civil suit. He says it continues to move forward and Johns Hopkins and the Plaintiff Steering Committee will attempt to resolve the litigation.

Johns Hopkins released a statement on Sunday: "The ongoing legal process limits our ability to comment, and we remain saddened that a member of our ranks would violate doctor-patient trust."

Schochor commends Johns Hopkins "good faith effort" so far in this case.


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