City suspends speed camera program

BALTIMORE - More trouble for Baltimore's embattled speed camera program.

On Tuesday, the Baltimore City Department of Transportation announced the ATVES program was suspended.  ATVES stands for Automated Traffic Violation Enforcement System.

According to a release, the suspension comes after two issues arose during the change over to the new vendor.  One issue revolves around payment options listed on the citations.  The other is an issue involving the posted speed limit along The Alameida.

"The Department of Transportation finds these mistakes unacceptable and is working diligently to maximize program accuracy," says Frank Murphy, the Acting Director of the department.  "We want to ensure that the program continues to improve traffic safety in Baltimore."

According to the Department of Transportation, the issues don't involve the new radar technology they are moving towards, but rather clerical mistakes.

There is no word on how long the program will be suspended.

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