City moves to settle suit in girl's electrocution


Baltimore City has agreed to settle the case of a teen-age girl who was killed when she touched a fence that had become electrified.

Deanna Green would have turned 21 years old tomorrow.

"We don't have a wedding to look forward to we don't have grandchildren to look forward to," said her mother, Nancy Green.

Instead, she and former Baltimore Colt Anthony "Bubba" Green look forward to a struggle -- to keep people safe from what's known as "contact voltage."

Deanna was 14 years old back in May of 2006, when she went to Druid Hill Park for a church softball game.

She touched a fence that had come into contact with an underground electrical wire.

She died at the field.

"I do believe we have made progress. The problem has been acknowledged and we're going to move forward from her," Nancy Green said.

The settlement with Baltimore City is for $200,000 -- the most for which the city could be held liable.

"it's never been about the money. It's always been about knowing what happened. And we've always felt that it was kept from us throughout the process," Anthony Green said.

Now they say Baltimore City has set up an apparatus to try and find areas where stray electricity could pose potential hazards.

The next step, they say -- is for BGE and the Public Service Commission to hire a vendor that would be able to use equipment like this truck, for a comprehensive inspection.

"How much money are they willing to commit to solve the problem? And the cheaper they are, the worse the equipment they will be, the less sensitive it will be," said the Green's attorney, Billy Murphy.

Nancy Green says she'll never forget what she saw that day at Druid Hill Park, and she knows it can happen again.

"No one should ever have to feel as helpless, as useless as i did that day. Because i watched it," she said.

Murphy said there is no timetable for BGE and the Public Service Commission to decide on which company should be hired to do that stray voltage inspection.

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