City Council President wants schools to answer for childhood obesity rate

BALTIMORE - Baltimore City Council President Bernard “Jack” Young wants the city’s public schools to evaluate whether or not students are getting proper physical education to address childhood obesity concerns, according to a release.

A Health Department report released in 2013 indicated that one in four students (26 percent) suffer from childhood obesity. The highest rates of obesity were found in pre-K and kindergarten students, the release states.

"A focus on basic education that leaves arts education and physical education aside ignores the competencies demanded by the complex, modern world in which Baltimore City Public Schools students are expected to thrive,” Young was quoted in the release. "This modern world requires leaders that are innovative, creative and have received a strong, broad, complete education from a young age."

Young believes that providing more opportunity for physical education would remedy the city’s childhood obesity issue.

“A limited and incomplete curriculum is a disservice to the student population of the City of Baltimore,” the release states. “Failing to provide a complete education, including an array of arts education and physical education opportunities, leaves our students unprepared to thrive after graduation.”

Young planned to introduce a resolution Monday evening in City Hall requiring the schools system to report on the state of physical education.  

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