Maryland church gets support to help rebuild after fire

Not much has changed at the intersection of Loch Raven Boulevard and Cold Spring Lane since Dec. 27, 2013. 
But Pastor Cecil Gray said passersby will soon begin to see a difference.
The plan is to have Northwood Appold United Methodist Church rebuilt and restored before Christmas. 
"There's trauma, there's hurt, there's pain. ... Today I was talking to a little one, a child, maybe 6th grade and she was saying I don't like to look at it as I pass by and I know some of the elders feel the same way but the energy is high and everybody is still in rebuild, rebuild," Pastor Gray said. 
Just as the Christmas season was coming to a close, a four alarm fire tore through Northwood Appold.
Pastor Gray said the cause is still undetermined.
He also calls it a miracle that they won't need to start from scratch, with the walls of the church still standing and the steeple and cross also somehow preserved. 
"Back there on that first night we said, 'Oh, that must be wood overlay with steel underpinning or steel interior and when the guys went up there, they discovered that in fact the steeple is wood and why didn't 2,000 degrees of heat destroy the wood? We think it's God. ... That same cross will go back up," Pastor Gray told ABC2.
Offering everything from cash to choir robes, the community is hoping to push NAUMC toward that goal of one day soon having Sunday service back where they belong. 
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