Balt. City utility vehicle takes out three cars, porches, crashes into house

A Baltimore City utility vehicle crashed into three cars and porches before driving into a house.

Just after 5:30 p.m., the fire department was called to the scene where a utility car had crashed causing significant damage at the intersection of Wilkens and Unetta Avenue.

On the scene, a cherry picker could be seen in front of a house leaving behind a trail of damage.

"I had just closed my front door and I heard the noises as I went up the steps," the homeowner said. "Loud noises, but not on the porch.  I didn't hear the porch noises until I got up the steps.  I came back down, opened my front door and my porch was gone.  I couldn't even step out of the door."

Officials with the fire department say there was one person injured and transported to shock trauma.  Witnesses say it was the driver of the utility truck.

A gas leak was identified in one of the homes and shut off.

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