C-SPAN Campaign Bus visits Kenwood High School

Baltimore, Md. - The C-SPAN Campaign 2012 bus made a stop at Kenwood High School in Baltimore County Tuesday.

About 150 students toured the bus while it was on the campus. The students also watched a presentation on the importance of voting.

With interactive kiosks on the bus, students were allowed to examine past elections and look at current issues vital to the upcoming election.

According to the C-SPAN Web site, "the bus is equipped with computer kiosks that access C-SPAN's many Web sites, including the Video Library, C-SPAN Classroom, Congressional Chronicle, and Book TV. Visitors can also test their knowledge of public affairs with quizzes, learn about StudentCam, and follow the Road to the White House."

Social studies teacher Cindy Hoyer says the campaign bus provides a unique opportunity for students to learn and take part in the democratic process. Hoyer arranged for the visit and believes she has "a civic duty to stress the importance of taking part in the democratic process."

The bus was on the campus until 10:30 a.m.