UPDATE | 3 killed; 1 injured in crash

BALTIMORE - There is not much left at the crash scene except for a broken fence and stained asphalt, but Paul Black who works right there had a front row seat to what he says looked like a movie.

"I just take my phone out and started shooting immediately because not every day you see something like that.  [Have you ever seen something like that?] No.  I've never seen nothing like this before."

So Black started shooting shortly after he heard the collision at 12:30 Tuesday morning.

Smoking vehicles, fire, even first responders working on and pulling victims out of cars.

In all, the two men, identified as 26-year-old Devell Johns and 28-year-old Terrell Young in the car fleeing police died, a woman in the vehicle they struck died as well.  Only a man from the white SUV would survive but he is in critical condition at an area hospital.

Another person living in the house nearby may not have the cell phone video, but he can replay what he saw in his mind.

"The Honda that was chased by the cops hit the white jeep.  Rammed.  It caused it to flip over on its back and catch fire," said witness Jesse Tillary.    

But it's that word chase Baltimore Police doesn't like.

It is department policy that police do not engage in high speed chases through the city unless it is an extreme circumstance.

In this case, BPD says plain clothes officers in an unmarked car at 25th and Harford Road witnessed two men in the Honda acting suspiciously and when they tried to stop them, the Honda fled.

Police then say the officers "followed" the Honda up to Northern Parkway and York Roads when the accident happened.

When asked if police had their sirens engaged and were following or pursuing at high speed, Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez responded, "Ya know we have a lot of questions right now and unfortunately we have more questions than answers."

At this time, the department has not released the names of the woman killed or the man listed in critical condition.

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