BPD to use online reporting for non-violent crime

BALTIMORE - It's supposed to make it easier to do something that folks wish they didn't have to do in the first place.

Filing a police report after someone dumps things illegally, a smash and grab car theft; property type crimes that take up a lot of police resources and time.

Time, which will tie up officers, and keep them from investigating more violent offenses in the city.

"This is going to be a great tool for the citizens of Baltimore but if you know me you know I like to save money and one of the great things about this system is that it calculates for us how much money the city saves how much man hours we save to keep our police on the street." City Councilman Brandon Scott says.

The Cop logic system is relatively easy to use.

All the user has to do is go to the city police website, and click the reporting link and follow instructions.

Property based crimes such as identity theft, car vandalism illegal dumping and other types of nonviolent crime.

Each report is assigned an incident number, and the user gets a PDF file of their report that can also be used to report loss for insurance.

But even with technology police are never far away.

"If a resident still wants a police officer our there we will allow that to happen we will try to usher them toward the cop logic program we're in the business of service if an officer is requested maybe someone is not adept at using technology we will be there." City Police Commissioner Anthony Batts says.

An added benefit of this is that police will be able to target certain areas to fight property crime.

For example say that there are car break-ins on three streets in west Baltimore.

They'll have a database of information that will allow them to increase patrols in those areas.


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