Boy saved sister, risked life to search for brother in fatal West Baltimore fire

The pile of scorched possessions on the front sidewalk and the burned out interior of the row house on North Bruce Street are evidence of the fire that spread quickly through the home.
"I could see the flames in the house from the downstairs and the smoke was upstairs so I grabbed my phone and started dialing 911, and 911 put me on hold and I came outside just screaming," said Yvonne Lyles who lives across the street.
For his part, Dwayne Harrison, came running from his home down the street to try to save his cousins.
"I was trying to throw buckets of water in the house to save the kids, and it's like we all were trying, but we couldn't get in the house because the flames were coming out the back and out the front."
Harrison says three adults narrowly escaped from the basement, but the staircase to the second floor was fully engulfed in flames leaving three children trapped.
Neighbors ran to the back where they spotted the eldest child trying to save one of his siblings. 
"Turtle, he had his sister and he tossed her out to us, and when he tossed her out to us, he went back in and I knew exactly what he was doing.  He went back in to get his brother.  He was trying to find his brother, and the hurt part about it is that he had to die in this situation."
The young boy never resurfaced from the thick, black smoke, and firefighters later located him and his younger brother where they had lost consciousness.
"He was not responsive when he left here, but when they got him to the hospital, they got him back around, and I was happy to hear they got him back around,” said Harrison, “I was hoping they got both of them back, but they couldn't bring Sean back, because he had asthma, and the smoke filled his lungs so much it killed him."
A neighbor suffered cuts trying to gain entry into the burning row house and a firefighter was treated and released for minor burns.
We're told the house did have working smoke alarms, and the fire's cause is still under investigation.
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