Boxes of hope pass to the community

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - In their time of need, a community stepped in, bringing tractor-trailers full of food and other essentials to the arms of those who need them most.

Doing good will impact more than 400 families at the Set the Captives Free Outreach Center in Baltimore.

Dr. Karen Bethea from the outreach center says they "are finding people in need who are normally not in need. There are hard working people who had a job and would prefer to take care of themselves who are also in need."

As a Feed the Children partner agency, each family receieved a 25 pound box of food and a 10 pound box of personal items. The boxes are designed to help a family of four for an entire week.

"It's been pretty though," said recipient Kim Brown. "I've been unemployed for a year and a half, almost two years. I've been looking for a job, it's really been hard."

Feed the Children has been impacting families since 1979 and is considered one of the largest charities in the U.S. Their mission of hope is embraced by members of the Set the Captives Free congregation, who truly understands the importance of giving back.

"Our emphasis is outreach, we're here to let the community know that Set the Captives Free loves you, but more importantly God loves you and you can see that in what we do," said Dr. Bethea.

Avon Clark's daughter has been going through some tough times and providing for her three children can present some challenges.

"Such a great program that this church provides for everybody. My grandchildren and daughter need a helping had," says Avon. "I help out where I can, but this program is going to help her until she can get back on her feet."

Making life a little easier with boxes of hope.

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