B&O Railroad Museum Roundhouse repairs to begin

BALTIMORE - Officials at the B&O Railroad Museum announced Monday they would be making upgrades to some its displays because of weather exposure. 

The  architectural woodwork  on the clerestory and lantern of the museum's National Historic Landmark Roundhouse will be repaired next month. Scaffolding will be erected in the first weeks and the work is scheduled to be completed in approximately 120 days.
The museum will remain open on its regular schedule during the repairs and the visitor experience should not be affected by the work.

Architectural firm Schamu, Machowski +Patterson, noted that a series of harsh winters with extensive freezing and thawing along with hot summer sun, wind and rain have created significant deterioration of the wooden architectural elements that rise 125 feet above the ground.

A regular inspection of the Roundhouse roof last year showed weather damage to the cornices, pilasters, window sills and painted surfaces. 

Museum Director Courtney B. Wilson said while these repairs are costly, they are essential to complete now so that the long term preservation of the National Historic Landmark building is assured. 

Through an extensive bidding and qualifying process the Museum selected Yerkes Construction Company to complete the project. 

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