Big changes on the way to 230-year-old Lexington Market

Multi-million dollar renovation in the works

It has been around more than 230 years, and has about two and a half million visitors a year. 
Lexington Market has a rich history in Baltimore and some changes are on the way. 
Nancy Faidley-Devine knows the market's history well.  
Her family has been there since 1886 when it was an outdoor market. 
"They've been talking about it for a good while so we're hoping that it's going to be getting started because the old lady does need a little makeup," Faidley-Devine said.
"There's always room for improvement. I think mainly we have to work on the outside of the market and the area because there's a perception that there's a danger here, which I have never found. I've been coming in and out of here for many a year and everybody has been very polite and very nice to me," she added.
Executive Director Casper Genco says there is a $20-25 million renovation in the works right now.
They have had thousands of customers fill out surveys online and inside the market and have passed that information along to consultants for a study and a plan for what Lexington Market will look like in the future. 
"There will be structural changes, I'm certain, to the exterior. There will be some structural changes to the interior of the market. There will be changes to how we merchandise the market, how many merchants there will be, what size the merchant stalls will be, what kind of product offerings we're going to add," Genco said.  
"Our goal is to have the most modern beautiful market that will continue to serve our existing customer base and give us the opportunity to expand our customer base and expand the demographic that currently shops at Lexington Market."
Genco said they are in the middle of the consultant study right now, which should be finished in another three or four months.
"At that point in time, we're formulating the financial committee. That financial committee will be tasked with the responsibility of raising the kind of money we need for the renovation."
Genco says he expects the renovations to start by the winter of 2016 at the latest.


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