BGE and Higher Achievement partner to help kids learn more about math and science

BALTIMORE - The goal was to learn, but you wouldn't know it looking around the room. 

A group of 50 middle schoolers from Baltimore were at BGE ’s White Marsh Learning and Training Center Thursday to take part in the utility's Higher Achievement’s Summer Academy . The program helps kids in at-risk communities close the opportunity gap

"Middle school students and middle school is really a critical time and it really determines if students are going to advance to high school and beyond to college," said Higher Achievement executive director Erin Hodge-Williams.          

For four hours the scholars had the chance to learn about what BGE workers do and how they do it safely.  Groups moved through four stations.  They learned about the hazards of overhead wires, and got to dress like linemen and try putting screws and bolts on equipment like the workers would use.

"It was real hard because like your fingers are expanded more than you’re used to, so when you screw you need to use two hands," said 12-year-old Maurice Stovall.

Getting to explore the bucket truck was a big hit, and demonstrations kept everyone's attention.

"I didn't know that if you put natural gas and fire together it will cause an explosion," Stovall said.

This is the second year Higher Achievement has made the summer trip to BGE, organizers say the scholars take a lot away from the visit.      

"This partnership is really important to ground our young people in thinking about math and thinking about science not just about a subject but as something they could pursue in the future," Hodge-Williams said.

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