Beyonce and Jay Z concert comes to Baltimore

BALTIMORE - More than 50,000 people made their way to M&T Bank Stadium downtown for one of the hottest concerts of the summer.  Jay Z and Beyoncé made a stop in Baltimore Monday night for their 'On The Run' tour.

The concert didn't officially start until 8 p.m. Monday, but once the lots were open folks started heading downtown.  Baltimore police had extra officers at almost every intersection helping control traffic.  

"This is epic, you know, Jay Z and Beyoncé  together, On The Run, I'm ready," said Angela Wooten.

Baltimore was stop five on the power couple’s 16-city tour.  Parking areas and sidewalks were packed hours ahead of the show.

"Get here early, get something to eat, enjoy the show," Anand Maraj said.

"Yeah we got here early, came here to party and pregame," said Michelle Ohai.

Ohai along with her three sisters and mother hopped in the car and made a trip out of the drive from Pennsylvania.

"It was a road trip,” said Ohai.  “First time this summer we all got to go together."

People who weren't keen on hitting the road opted for public transportation. 

"Definitely less stressful then trying to drive and figure out where we were going," said Cami Pease.

"The concert even sent out emails about how the traffic was going to be, so we just wanted to take every precaution that we could," William Kuehnle said.

"Had to take the train, I was not driving, they said traffic was going to be horrific,” Wooten said.  “I didn't want to take that chance."

And if getting into the Charm City wasn't a nightmare for you, officials said getting out could be chaos.

"Most people came in at different times coming in for this evening's concert, but everyone is going to be leaving at once," Adrienne Barnes with Baltimore City Department of Transportation said.




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