Berger Cookies stranded in bakery after Hurricane Irene

BALTIMORE - Bergers Cookies is a main stay and a way of life in Baltimore since 1835. The product is sold in over 600 locations and shiped all over the world from the Charles Debaufre's bakery in South Baltimore. That was until Hurricane Irene barrelled through the area a few weeks ago.

When the storm came through a small oversight was exposed by the strong winds and rain.

The bakery is well above ground level, but a small hole in a window allowed plenty of water to enter the plant. That resulted in thousands of boxes used to ship the famous cookes to be soaked and destroyed. And that brought almost all shipping to be brought to a halt for two weeks.

Debaufre explained the problem to his box maker and they quickly accomodated and rushed him new packaging to help get Berger Cookies back out the doors and onto store shelves.

And a new window has also been ordered.

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