Benjamin Franklin high school teacher Meghan Riordan brings energy, enthusiasm to her math class

Benjamin Franklin High School math teacher Meghan Riordan is honored with the ABC2/MECU Teachers Are Heroes award.

Math isn't a subject loved by most high schoolers and Riordan can totally relate.

"This is a story I tell my students all the time, that in high school I did not love math."

She grew to love it, crediting her teachers in college for changing her perspective.  Riordan didn't consider becoming a teacher until she joined Teach for America.  She said the moment she walked into her first classroom in Baltimore City she knew this was the job meant for her.

"I fell in love, I fell in love," she said with a huge smile.

Riordan knows math can be a tough subject, so she does what she can to keep her students engaged and having fun.

"Even on a hard day, they know they can do it and I'm just there to facilitate and hopefully show them different ways of doing it," she said.  "Or just showing them an enthusiastic person who's going to be there to help them through that struggle."

And it's a constant stream of enthusiasm from Riordan when she's teaching her kids.  To change things up, she likes to throw in non-math related questions, like asking her students what kind of breakfast food they would be.  Her co-workers past and present say her endless energy is the key to her continued success in the newsroom.

"From the time that they come in, she engages them and explores where they are before she starts to communicate any kind of content, that's what sets her apart," said Chris Battaglia, principal at Benjamin Franklin.

"She genuinely cares about each child and they want to do well in math because they want to do well with Ms. Riordan," said Brooke Grams, who worked with Riordan at Forest Park High School.

And Riordan wants to do well by her students.  When you ask her what it's like to work with the kids, she says it's an honor to be their teacher.

"Their passion and their resiliency and being able to work with them, it feels like such a privilege to work with our leaders down the road."

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