Baltimore to wake up to flooding, travel restrictions


This morning many of us are waking up to the effects of Superstorm Sandy. People are facing downed trees and flooding.

ABC2's Sherrie Johnson will be reporting live from Clipper Mill area where there is extensive flooding. This area is no stranger to flooding for the businesses and homes. They've experienced problems with other storms in this low lying area.

Overnight the river overflowed its banks at Meadow Mill, a common trouble spot in the city for flooding.  The water is extremely powerful and is washing all kinds of debris.

The City Department of Transportation also closed several roads and intersections because of flooding. This also includes Clipper Mill at Meadow Mills Business Park.Meadow Mill was blocked through the night, along with many other streets throughout the city, including Smith Avenue (near Whole Foods).

At Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blakes' request, police officers and emergency responders are out on the streets to respond to any problems. It's all in an effort to keep people safe.

Mandatory travel restriction

Yesterday the mayor announced a mandatory travel restriction for city roadways.

The restriction began Monday night at 6 pm and runs until noon Tuesday. This restriction does not include uniformed personnel-- hospital employees and other medical providers.

Baltimore City has opened six emergency shelters for people displaced because of Superstorm Sandy. Right now the number one focus is keeping people safe.




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