Baltimore strangers are headed to New Jersey to help Sandy victims

BALTIMORE - Heat is heading to New Jersey.  Torpedo heaters, capable of warming a house in 15 minutes, are packed and ready to hit the road.

"As long as they want me to run the generator and the heater we'll go from house to house until people don't want anything or people are sleeping," said Terry Coffman, owner, Supano's Steakhouse. 

Coffman worked his contacts through his city restaurant.  This weekend alone, he collected diapers, non-perishable food and baby clothes.

"That's what motivated me to even think about it.  Babies are cold.  Our kids, our children are cold and damp," said Coffman.   

One van is filled with bread donations from H&S Bakery.  He has about $450 in cash donations and big commitments.

"Within 15 minutes, Ed Reed, Bryant McKinnie, Gino Gradkowski text back to me, said they're in with pledges.  They'll be in to see me early next week to give me the money," said Coffman.   

That money will be used to fill gas cans and buy what families need.  Anything will be helpful. 

Coffman got a text from a friend in New Jersey.  The Salvation Army has bare shelves. 

After All, Maryland got lucky.  So our local neighbors are leaving behind a business and doing whatever they can to bring life back to Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey. 

"We're going up every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday for the next six, eight, 10, weeks, two months, three months, whatever it takes.  This is devastating," said Coffman. 

  Supano's teamed up with Epic Church in Canton. They have organized several vans full of donations, as well.

Here are drop-off locations if you want to help: 


110 Water St.




1415 Aliceanna St.



Epic Church

3100 Boston St.



Dark Horse Saloon

119 South Main St.

Bel Air

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